This space is an invitation for you to grow.
What you will find here are three non-fictional books that I have written which offer seeds for you to use in your own conscious way, to live a life which allows you to blossom and feel nourished. They are proudly printed in Australia and have been sent all over the world to those journeying within themselves.
I have sound meditations which are free to download to use whenever you feel the need to calm down and quieten your mind from this busy and chaotic world, or to simply use for your own personal enjoyment whenever you wish.
The blog I have created is a place in which I wanted to birth, that shares all the magical and amazing things people are doing in this world that inspire me, and hopefully you to. I believe in community as a way to make this world a better and safer place for all of us. The power of the internet allows us to do this without having to live physically in the same area. This blog offers you an insight into the beauty of change others are providing, personal photography work of mine, as well as poetry and passages I wish to share.
Warmth and Love