About Josh

Josh Hedge is currently 27 years old, a self-taught photographer, life admirer, and now author living in his much loved town of Byron Bay, Australia. 

Having unexpectedly fallen into the world of writing, he never thought of having his first book to build such a well-received response, let alone complete writing a second book only a handful of months after finishing Seeds For Truth.

Through self-belief, Josh has been able to touch the hearts of people all over the world through both his written words and images published within Seeds For Truth and now hopefully too with Flowers For Growth.

At the age of 19, being without a job at the time and having struggled with depression for numerous years throughout his late teens, he bought his first camera, an old DSLR off of a friend, instantly discovering a passion for photography and having the ability to finally express himself, he started sharing his perspective of the world through images with others online.

   Because of the inspirational and experimental nature of his work through both digital and analogue formats, he began receiving a lot of positive feedback that resulted in the gain of many new fans. What started off as a simple hobby that was used for Josh to break through his wall of depression, eventually turned into a great experience to do what he loves for a living.

   Many opportunities were taken with open arms since: traveling overseas and across Australia for work, to shoot covers of magazines, editorials, album covers, solo exhibitions, joint exhibitions, meeting people he’s looked up to his whole life and connecting with companies he’d never thought of even being in the same room with; let alone collaborating with them. A free-spirit that loves to inspire others by exploring new places and being grateful for every aspect life has to offer.

  Although, ever since Josh was young, he had a very strong intuitive feeling that something wasn’t right in regards to the current systems that our societies are run by and how we are told to live within such societies. The governments, health industry, workforce, and just about everything didn’t make sense to him. It was almost like the world was back to front… and it really is!

Humble in his approach to both himself and life, he has an admiration for Nature and Earth which is easily shown spending majority of his time doing what he loves most by surfing in the Ocean, walking through the abundance of Forests, and simply connecting with the world as a whole in which he is so fond of. Having completed high-school without a numbered final result, and never attending any sort of university afterwards, he has taught himself through simply experiencing whatever it is that interests him firsthand.

But above all through simply just putting himself out there he has been able to connect, attract, and meet people that have both taught and inspired him on his journey so far. Although all of which have provided him with a happiness he never thought imaginable during his earlier periods of depression, it is now writing books which has truly struck a chord within him.

Having always been a giver in a selfless way, writing books and seeing his words have a positive impact on others has provided him with the most fulfillment to date. Josh truly believes in the world becoming a better place one person at a time, and for him it is an honour to be able to give back in such a big way. Only 6 months after writing Seeds For Truth, Josh now has Flowers For Growth to offer in the hope that it will contribute to the change which is happening on a global scale, and with plans of a third book to follow, it is only a matter of time until that is brought to life as well.

Being constantly inspired to continue doing what he loves, Josh is hoping to be able to broaden the horizon in the way in which he can give back to others and all walks of life on a larger scale. Whilst he holds these goals that he will continue to work towards close by, Josh will always enjoy the simplicity in which life is to him. Whether he is travelling overseas or simply sitting by a fire in his hometown, he will always find beauty in something that surrounds him and turn this into a form of expression, with a simple wish that it encourages others to seek this very beauty that surrounds them, but ultimately within themselves also.


To contact Josh email joshhedgephotography@gmail.com or to follow him on a frequent basis his instagram is @joshhedge