Autumn Rise





For me, it is my favourite of the yearly cycles. 

I find a sense of freshness comes in all aspects. I greet the day earlier, rising while the mist across the paddocks stand in silent stillness under the Moons glow, as the transition from night into day begins to slowly shift. My van windows have dew enveloped and the air is crisp, that feeling of breathing in your first breath of fresh oxygen when you walk outside after being nestled under the warm blankets of comfort all night and inhale a much cooler climate to the one in which you slept in, rushes through your lungs and the magic of our body is able to adjust almost instantly. Such a primitive aspect us that still navigates our life, to be cuddled in a place of safety as we rest our bodies in the darkness of nights. I imagine Wolves animals in the wild sleeping and how much I would love to co-exist with them for a little while.

The colours of dawn are enhanced, maybe it is just me and my appreciating for Autumn, but the sky becomes an array of dark red and orange that mesh into one another. The sand is cooler on my feet and the number of humans on the beach drop as the temperature does too, only those committed to the church of the rising Sun show for the daily honouring in the seasons of chill. It is the practise of being able to get out of the comfort of warmth, the convenience as we humans have become so accustomed to in much of our lives. The clarity of sound from birds gifting us their morning melodies mimics the air; firm, gentle, refreshing. I observe those of them that wish to take flight for a morning journey, gliding effortlessly above the water line. That beautiful part of their flight where their wings are spread each side of their frame, not moving them, yet they are in full flight, inspiring to say the least. I watch my dog and his coat rustle in the slight Westerly winds. Humble bumps upon my skin as the breeze makes its way along my arms. I notice so profoundly how much difference happens within my body after we begin walking for even just one minute, as my body begins to circulate oxygen at a more frequent basis, blood travelling, lymphatic system in swing, our bodies are a miracle in motion. We walk, and with each step I am aware the Sun is closer to reaching the horizon by the rays that begin to shine up and over the line that marks above and below for us and our visual perception, when it is merely around, and around.

Something deep stirs inside of me when the signal of a new day begins, something I can’t quite put words to. This feeling of immense gratitude, everything seems to momentarily stand still. That feeling of when you gasp in anticipation for something and you hold your breath in hope that this moment can be paused in time. I close my eyes for an inhalation and do my best to acknowledge this cycle that has been in rhythm, whether human beings are here on Earth, whether we get up to witness or whether we even care, it is happening and to me I am in reverence of this. For me, it is the magnitude of what is going on, and the gentleness of how it unravels. That moment of the Suns first ray as it peaks over the horizon, a spark of light to nourish all lives on Earth from plant to human, arrives. The energy of the space instantly shifts, I can feel the ‘waking up’ of life already begin.

The Ocean calls me in for my morning cleanse, to shake off anything that isn’t serving me and begin this new cycle fresh. I submerge my being and beneath the surface enter briefly a world in which we physically cannot exist in, only experience snippets of what life beneath the Oceans blanket would feel like. I surrender my body to the ebs and flows of the waves movement, limbs go left and right, body rolls around and with my eyes open I see the resemblance of thunder rumbling as a wave above me crashes. Every cell throughout is now ruptured awake as the energy of life rushes through. I feel completely, utterly and beautifully alive. Ready.


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