Welcome. This space is an invitation for you to grow. What you will find here are three non-fictional books that I have written which offer seeds for you to use in your own conscious way & gently blossom. Sound meditations free to download & use whenever you feel the need to calm down & quieten your mind. A blog I have created, that is a place which shares all the stories, journeys & services people are giving in this world that inspire me, & hopefully you too. Enjoy, Warmth and Love. Josh

“Instead of having oxygen circulate around your body in order to continue being alive, how would you live your life differently if we relied on the emotions of love and happiness instead?"

Seeds For Truth


"As you look back upon the reflection of your life, With eyes curious upon the portrait painted, Was it who you truly are, Or simply, who they told you to be?"

Flowers For Growth


"For the children of tomorrow, To blossom and freely grow, Let’s make the world a better place, And bring peace to the human race"

Fruits For Love